East meets West Kickboxing (diary entry)


My teacher-training lesson looked to blend in Dutch-style Kickboxing combinations with the Muay Thai clinch. This training consists of me coaching via video link to a teacher and her training partner daughter.

The lesson began with a warm-up of single kick exchanging, building up to two-kick exchanges and then the 1,2,3 pre-arranged sparring. I emphasised the importance of countering as the last technique landed. We then moved onto the clinch.

Muay Thai clinching fundamentals included establishing the plum position and basic footwork patterns. We worked through a simple sequence used for break balance and set up strikes. We then layered in knee strikes. I focused on entering and exiting the clinch. The entry was performed using a jab/rear-hand collar tie. We also discussed variations such as the jab/lead hand collar tie/rear-hand collar tie and jabbing directly into a lead hand collar tie, dirty boxing style. Exiting involved using the long-guard and setting up for a kick. Again, there were variations. In this instance the long-guard is used to frame off or post off the opponent, however, the fighter might choose to aim a high kick to the inside as the opponent lowers their head or throw a low kick to the outside of the leg. Another alternative is to send in a knee strike if the break is very tight.

Next, we paired the clinching with a build up of Dutch Kickboxing combinations covered in the previous lessons. The first combinations consisted of jab/round-kick/jab/rear collar-tie/spear knee, jab/cross/switch-kick/jab/rear collar-tie/spear knee, jab/cross/hook/round kick/jab/rear collar tie/spear knee and jab/cross/hook/cross/jab/rear collar tie/spear knee. We then started on the clinch series. This began with jab/round kick/spear knee/curve knee/curve knee. These combinations will continue through to the next lesson.