Early Clinch in Boxing (diary entry)

right hook in clinch12.01.19


My second lesson of the day was for my two junior clients who are currently on the fifth hour of their course in Basic Boxing for Martial Arts Cross Training. We warmed up on the heavy bag varying footwork with basic combinations. Then we covered different tactics for drawing and fighting defensively. This brought us onto clinch-work.


I was looked to cover clinch-work at a later stage in the course, but once I had used Jack Johnson’s strategy for antagonising, wearing down and ultimately controlling a fight my two students were keen to look at clinching concepts. We trained some wrestling over-hook/under-hook work in order create an understanding of how restrain and control a punch whilst switching sides. I covered controlling the bicep and trapping the elbow whilst throwing punches with the free hand to the body and the switching sides to repeat the same action. Next we looked at breaking and punching from the outside.


The lesson finished with more pad-work, sharpening up guards, withdrawing the punching arm, head movement and better blending of combinations. I integrated the bobbing and weaving action, which uses a duck and then angling action to facilitate a powerful circular attack – usually a hook or an uppercut. We worked through different variations on the three-punch and four-punch combinations that made use of head movement. This included slip/jab/cross/hook, jab/slip/cross/hook, slip/jab/slip/cross/hook and jab/cross/bob/hook.


My video series on the clinch in martial arts cross training with a particular emphasis on Western Boxing, “Clash of the Forearms”:



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