Dutch Kicks & Kick-Catching (diary entry)

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Monday saw my first lesson back in the UK after teaching a weekend of children’s self-protection and martial arts cross-training. My client has reached her seventh hour in her second course of Muay Thai/Kickboxing. Tonight my intention was to address countering kick-catches, which we did, but we also ended up covering using and fighting southpaws thanks to a switch-kick question.


The lesson began with mirror foot-work, followed by one-for-one techniques. From here we began to build combinations. My client noticed that she was landing in a reverse stance (southpaw) after she threw a switch-kick. I used this as a means for looking at southpaw combinations. This also introduced the “Dutch Kick”. This is a very close-quarter variation on the low Thai round kick.


Finally, we got onto countering kick-catches. The Dutch way of kicking is actually very useful to teach a simply way to release a trapped leg and we drilled this first. After this we looked at using the trap to clinch and knee strike. The lesson finished with 3 x 3 minute rounds. The first two rounds consisted of 1, 1-2, 1-2-3 combination exchanges and the final round was free-sparring.

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