Dutch Block and Pad-Work on Combination Number 12 (diary entry)

dutch blockthird workout cover 203.05.21

Monday’s lesson was the third part of my couple client’s rhythm and flow combination on focus mitts. We are into our third hour of this course. Tonight we worked on the 12th combination. This particular combination sets up a same side low kick to mid kick combination with a jab/cross before tranferring weight back to the opposite side for a cross chained rapidly with a hook and a second cross. At this stage there is concession made for the opponent throwing a body kick that is intercepted with a Dutch block for the first time in these combinations then back to a hook, finishing with a rear body kikc.

The Dutch block is simply a more kickboxing type of kick interception than the typical shin-check. I use it with more of a Muay Thai slant, designed to transfer into a leg catch if required. For me, the block is de-emphasised as I find them to be passive and therefore negative and therefore not time effecient. I want the move to be used more to intercept the kick, sending it completely off-course rather than just absorb it or mildy deflect it. We briefly went through the leg catch mechanics and reasoning why, at least in this instance, the intention was not to hold onto the kick but to break the opponent’s balance, setting them up for the right cross/hook/round kick end of the combination.



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