Double Lesson Muay Thai (diary entry)

kick catch 2spinning elbow28.10.19


After a bit of a layoff my client completed the fourth and fifth hour of their second Muay Thai course. We did a lot of isolation work in this lesson, looking at ways to better improve certain techniques. The lesson finished with 5 x 3 minutes rounds of specific and general sparring.


We warmed up with some simple dynamic stretches leading into partner-work. This began with some shadow boxing work; going through all the basic strikes my client has covered. We then did some mirror footwork and then one-for-one warm-up sparring. This was a good opportunity to look at ways to roll off techniques and to point out good openings. We looked at setting up techniques with hand positioning and how the malleable guards in Muay Thai both provides aggressive tactics and create good momentum in their strikes.


These lessons were moved onto the focus mitts, where I isolated the lead round-kick. By working on generating power this position we then integrated it into the switch-kick and noticed some marked improvements in speed and power. I then added a few tweaks to dig the kick in deep when it was being thrown along with some advice on timing breathing when throwing any kick. We then went to the rear leg round kick, which also benefitted from this overall approach.


I introduced the liver shot, which is not used and trained nearly as much in Western Boxing or Dutch Kick Boxing. It served as an important lesson in weight transference. We were able to look at driving up from the feet and spiralling upwards into the strike. This was then integrated into punch/kick combinations.


We then continued some of the counter work from the previous lesson. We looked at immediate responses from shin-checks, kicking back with the same leg and the opposite leg. Next we covered kick-catches again and I introduced the spinning elbow.


The lesson finished with one 2 x 3 minute rounds of boxing vs kicking followed 1 x 3 minute round of clinching and 2 x 3 minute rounds of free-sparring.

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