Double Leg Set-ups 1-5 (diary entry)

set up sprawl10.03.2022

I returned to teaching a longtime client of mine at the 4.5 hour point of his course. This client books six 1.5 hour private lessons with me and 1 x 1 hour course. It is an arrangement that better suits clients who live a bit further out of the half an hour radius I offer for regular one-to-one or small group training. He has trained with me for several years and also transferred over to online training during lockdown and was a regular attendee of my personal client only intensive training workshops. However, due to personal and business commitments, we had to put our training on a hiatus for a while. It’s great to have him back on board and to see how much he has retained his skills.

On his decision we returned to MMA basics in order get back into the flow of things and to cover some conditioning. I decided to cover the new eight combinations designed to set up double-leg takedowns from MMA Shredded

After a good warm-up of sport specific callisthenics and dynamic stretching we shadowed and then brought these combinations onto the focus mitts:

  1. Jab – Tap Lead Knee – Overhand Right – Double Leg Shot
  2. Jab – Cross to Lead Knee – Lead Hook – Double Leg Shot
  3. Back Up – Cross – Double Jab & Angle Off – Step Back into Southpaw & Right Hook – Double Leg Shot
  4. Jab – Cross (Partner taps your lead knee) – Sprawl – Rear Uppercut – Hook – Cross – Double Leg Shot
  5. Undercatch Left Body Kick – Lead Hook – Cross – Lead Hook – Double Leg

After this we trained 2 x 3 minute rounds on boxing. The lesson was finished with an extended section on PNF stretching. hook on pads