Dirty Boxing & Kickboxing – Clinch Work (diary entry)

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The second Monday night lesson was the third hour of my Danish client’s course on Dirty Boxing and Kickboxing looked more at clinching techniques.

The lesson began with a warm-up of Boxing and then Kickboxing combinations. We looked at footwork, head movements and set-ups for strikes that would be used in tonight’s lesson.

We then went through the first Dirty Boxing combination on the focus mitts – jab/cross/hook/straight shoulder bump/cross/hook. This was then integrated into footwork, slipping and rolling. The idea behind this drill is to create a more live feel to the training, throwing in the combination in short bursts amidst fighting defensively and repositioning.

Training moved onto the clinch beginning with the collar-tie. From the collar-tie I introduced the ear rip and the spear elbow bump. Then I introduced the underhook into palming the face that can be used in combination with the ear rip. At this point the fighter can then start using not only knee bumps but also direct knee strikes to the femoral and sciatic nerves of the legs as well as inner and outer reaping and sweeps.

I next had the two lockdown partners transition from this Dirty Boxing/Wrestling clinching position to a Thai clinch set-up for knee strikes to the head. Finally, we moved into a takedown.