Dirty Boxing for MMA Stand-up (Diary Entry)

Attacking the cover118.12.19


Wednesday night was my junior and senior clients’ last lesson before the Christmas break. The junior private class covered escapes from the knee-pin and the reverse scarf-hold for Submission Grappling. The senior class focused on dirty boxing techniques for Mixed Martial Arts.


The junior class began with a series of stationary callisthenics specific for submission grappling. We then looked at defence against the knee-pin. Key points for this defence were to secure the knee joint and the foot whilst then pushing and pulling them in conjunction with an upa bridge. As with the escape from north-south, we then switched to the dog-fight position and swept the opponent into side control. Reverse scarf-hold’s defence was all about snaking out. We also covered blocking the opponent’s transition to the mount. After snaking out we went to back control and the rear naked choke.


The senior class began with some freestyle pad-work largely going over stand-up defences to the clinch. We then focused on some dirty boxing tactics with the following combinations:


Jab/cross/hook/straight shoulder bump/hook/cross

Jab/cross/hook/horizontal shoulder bump to the sternum/uppercut/cross

Jab/cross/hook/upward shoulder bump to the jaw/hook/cross

Jab/cross/hook/knee bump to the inside of the knee/overhand punch


Important points made with the above combinations was distancing. The lead hook in each of these should set up the rear shoulder in clinch range. Rather than clinching, however, the fighter bumps the opponent hard on the inside with a shoulder, an elbow or a knee, creating distance and then immediatley taking advantage of that new distance with another technique.

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