Dirty Boxing Clinch, Takedowns, and Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)

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Tuesday night my teaching consultancy changed back to active coaching and my teacher client was back in training with her daughter. We picked back up on Dirty Boxing, clinch, wall takedowns and ground ‘n pound work.


Work began with bulling from the collar tie lock-up position. From here we brought in spear elbow bumps as well as knee bumps and knee strikes. I then had them perform the curve knee clinching drill. We then switched to the over-hook/under-hook pummelling drill. From here we looked at two types of striking tactic where I was able to teach angled punching:


Under-hook drill – Both participants pummel under-hooks. One fighter puts in a deep under-hook and throws punches mainly to the ribs on their over-hooking side. The opponent blocks the punches to which the fighter under-hooks and switches sides to repeat the attack on the other side. This drill threw light onto the best punches thrown at close range. Shovel hooks and uppercuts can be used, but we spent time working on the angled/hinging punch that took advantage of the MMA glove’s lower padding.


Over-hook drill – The fighter locks in the over-hook hold, hyper-extending the opponent’s elbow and, standing at an angle, fires strikes from the under-hooking side. Here I emphasised the importance of driving the head in whilst keeping an angled position.


These can be combined into a single drill whereby the under-hook drill is used as the foundation movement and the over-hook drill is called out randomly forcing the fighter to transition on the move.


Training next went to the wall and we looked at two types of wall takedown. Takedown one and two brought our attention back to using the head effectively. Here the side of the head is pressed into the opponent’s rips as the fighter pins her opponent to the wall. Takedown one involved dropping low, passing one leg behind the opponent’s leg and reaching across for the opponent’s knee before driving the opponent to the ground. From here we went to Khabib’s ground ‘n pound position, wrapping up the legs, driving the head forward on one side and throwing strikes from here.


Takedown two involved beginning in the same clinching position against the wall, however, this time the under-hook switches to hooking under the leg. Meanwhile, the opponent has adopted a wider stance and fends off attacks to the far leg. The fighter retains their position and steps back in a 90 degree arc, putting one knee down, resulting in a takedown to the opposite side from the previous technique.