Diamond Steps & Reverse Pendulum Step (diary entry)

peek a boo diary 6peek a boo diary 401.09.20

Working more like  Newton’s cradle than an actual pendulum the pendulum step is a great range in and out footwork too. In tonight’s teacher consultancy lesson we used it in conjunction with a diamond step, giving my clients some useful tools for cutting off and cornering their opponents.

We began with the peek-a-boo guard and tactics. However, this time we took what was learnt last week via solo and partner work and applied it to focus mitt coaching drills.  Both clients began with footwork and having their high or peek-a-boo guards lightly tested. Next I introduced a diamond step/reverse pendulum step. The diamond step changes the fighter’s stance and puts her at a 45 degree angle on her opponent. She can than reverse the movement with the pendulum step. To begin with, we simply repeated the exercise on both sides of the opponent. The reverse pendulum movement into the fast stance switch in the second diamond step provides some good rythmic footwork. Next, I integrated this back into the freestyle footwork used at the beginning. A great way to get fighters to better apply new movements and combinations is teach the new techniques, drill the new techniques in isolation and then integrate them into a less predictable situation. By doing this, the fighter learns to look and test the new skills.

With footwork established as our foundation it was time to build in the active guard parrying and head movements taught last lesson. We expanded on the movement drill with slips and pull backs. Finally, the punches were layered in for a complete combination drill of slip/jab/slip/cross/diamond step/lead body hook and uppercut/reverse pendulum step/pull back/diamond step/lead body hook and uppercut/reverse pendulum step. The lesson finished with five sets of these combinations placing a strong emphasis on quality techniques.