DFLT approach on Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)

ground and pound 2



Tonight we continued off the previous lesson’s DFLT approach and looked at the ground. The warm-up began with dynamic stretching, mobility exercises and calisthenics before moving onto partner DFLT coaching.


The ground was split into pins and guard-work; in both instances the fighter experiences fighting from the top and position and then from underneath. He completes three one minute rounds from each position before sparring for three minutes. That means one minute attack only, one minute defence only and one minute being coached to do both before sparring this specific position. From the top position in pin, he is coached to strike targets and continuously drill submissions whilst transitioning. He then drills only retaining his base from various different pins for a round. The last round, before sparring, coaches attacking and defending. From top position in guard, he is coached to ground ‘n pound whilst looking to stack and pass guard. Then he trains for a round of defending against submissions. The last round before sparring focuses on doing both.

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