Deflecting the Stab, Lateral Movement and Speed Kicking (diary entry)

stick jamie05.05.21

My first client tonight continued his stick fighting cross training work with me with a revision on our diagonal striking patterns before covering the stab. After a warm-up of mobility and dynamic stretching using the ratton canes we went back over the single stick stick work covering two angled strikes to the head and two angle strikes to the legs. These were performed whilst transitioning through footwork and changing postures. We then applied it to the full double-stick drill I recently introduced. Next, I introduced using the sticks to stab the solar plexus and to the right and left side of the body or eyes.

My second client tonight continued his pad-work training on the rhythm and flow combinations. We covered combinations nine and 10. The former is the lateral movement combination promoting attacks off the centre line. This includes side steps, rolls and slips. Combination 10 sets up to rapid double kicks, using the full-pivot technique. These come off the back the leg and later the lead leg.