Defending Ground ‘n Pound (diary entry)

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Hour three of my couple clients’ course on MMA Ground-Fighting brought us on to the subject of defence. We looked at defending from under side control and full mount.

After a warm-up of sport specific and muscle activation exercises, we moved straight into side control. Whilst here I thought it be a good opportunity to look at the dreaded crucifix position, which can be particularly troublesome and common in MMA side control. We covered a best case and worst case situation. In the former I covered capturing the leg and moving to sweep, half-guard or full guard positions. In the latter, we did the same except capturing the leg wasn’t as easy and the priority became freeing the arm from a leg triangle. This is accomplished by a lot of survival snaking!


As covered the full mount we looked at the common defence of hugging the mid-section. From here we covered the danger of getting caught in a monoplata (a type of shoulder lock from high mount). We looked at covering early, bridging and snaking to force the opponent to double-post and to get under their arms. From here the fighter can snake to a hip escape or even a heel hook or ankle lock position.


The lesson finished with 2 x 2 minutes of specific sparring from pins.