De-Escalation and Limb Control (diary entry)

tracey diary heavy bag 2 tracey diary heavy bag 3 tracey diary heavy bag13.12.20

Sunday morning’s teaching consultancy was split into a soft skills section on de-escalation and then some heavy bag work using limb control. For the former we went through information taken from my anti-bullying lesson. We discussed various tactics for defusing incidents at the pre-fight stage. These tactics should always start from a position of strength i.e. the fence must always be en force. From here options include deflections, empathy, separating leaders from groups and simple ignoring. As with all self-protection situations, the emphasis must always be on taking control. De-escalation is best practised in role-playing exercises.

On the heavy bag we explored ideas coming from defending the rear waist-lock. We used the cut-off footwork and then strikes whilst retaining limb control. Good bases for limb control include the two-on-one wrestling hold. From here we also looked at intercepting the Judas punch (offline attack) with rear elbows and hammer-fists as well as hammer-fists to the low line or groin region. The latter technique came off from the rear waist-lock counter. Good anti-grappling uses good grappling to layer in space creating techniques.


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