D’arce Choke Positioning (diary entry)

half guard attack18.06.2024

Hour six of my client’s course on Submission Grappling brought us onto a review of basic chokes. My client was pretty confident with rear naked and guillotine chokes but wanted to look at some head and arm chokes or arm triangles.

Using the half-guard as our base point, we went through the basic arm triangle and the anaconda. I also showed him the north-south choke. We then went back to the half guard and deconstructed the D’Arce choke using the following specific sparring conditions:

5 minutes – half-guard passing

2 minutes holding/escaping D’Arce position

2 minutes ditto

2 minutes fighting for whizzer control (overhook) versus under-hook control

2 minutes ditto

Next lesson we will go to trying to capture over-hook versus escaping out of half-guard, holding over-hook versus escaping over-hook and transitioning to D’Arce hold.