Curved Knees & The Collar/Elbow Tie (diary entry)

Knee strike to head from clinch Knee strike to stomach whilst grappling (b)27.09.2021

The second hour of my couple clients’ course on the Thai clinch proceeded from the warm-up into plum position revision. They partnered off to work forward, backward, lateral and angling footwork, working on push/pull setups to break each other’s posture. Then we layered in the spear and diagonal knee strikes on a one-for-one basis. I then held the Thai focus mitts for working these particular knee strikes in the clinch.

We then moved onto the collar and elbow clinch and the curved knee. They executed a simple drill of throwing a curved knee to provoke one in return and then countering by breaking their opponent’s posture. Next we worked on a couple of simple escapes into counter from the collar and elbow tie. This included variations on locking off one side, putting the fighter into a superior position. I argued the importance of achieving better positioning rather than just coming up with counter-techniques. A good position ensures the opponent has to achieve two more moves rather than one in order to launch their counter-attack.



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