Cross Training Angles (diary entry)

stick jamie12.01.19


My first lesson of the day brought this client up to four and a half hour mark on what has becoming a course dedicated entirely to Martial Arts Cross Training without focusing on one particular discipline. We used 12 basic stick angles from Eskrima and then went through elbow and punching applications. Not every angle was accounted for, but we focused on representation of the slashing, horizontal, smash-down, chop, backward and side elbows as well as overhands and shovel hooks. I also covered a simple two-stick drill to promote hand-foot coordination, angling and general footwork.


We used rattan sticks, MMA gloves, Boxing gloves, head cages, practice blades and head guards to go over the various techniques. We also discussed self-defence applications with incidental weapons as well as a brief overview of my edged weapon awareness programme.

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