Cross Arm Guard Integration (diary entry)

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Hour seven of my client’s current boxing course brought us onto a more integrating phase of the cross arm guard. At this point we not only revised all the basic punches and how they can flow off the counter-punching nature of the cross-arm guard but also how the guard needs to be used with other guards. The low guard is a good long range guard for the fighter to switch to when not in the pocket. It is a position that allows for the jabs to flow more freely and the rear hand only has to move back. This is where footwork must come back into play.

Our session looked like this:

After a basic warm-up: Revision of Cuban Boxing agility drills and coordination work.

Revision of all basic punches against the focus mitts.

5 x 3 minute rounds of sparring:

  1. Jab versus defence only (cross arm guard)
  2. Ditto with roles reversed
  3. Body shot sparring (cross arm guard)
  4. Free sparring – looking to integrate and transition with the cross arm guard
  5. Ditto