Crocodile Whips His Tail (diary entry)

thai spinning heel kick27.04.19


Last Saturday I reached the four and half hour point of my client’s tailored Stand-up Striking/Submission Grappling course. We used a different training plan more in line with my quarrying method, whereby sparring or pressure exercises inform the areas that need to be drilled and studied during the lesson. After a light warm-up, the class began with 3 x 10 minute Muay Thai sparring and 2 x 10 minute Submission Grappling specific sparring.


The Muay Thai was quite general sparring beginning very light in order to continue the warm up and to encourage more confidence in performing advanced techniques and combinations. This proved very successful with my client scoring with a back-kick and stringing more techniques together effectively as the rounds progressed.


The Submission Grappling consisted of one round of defending from the bottom position and one round fighting from the top position. This was done in a progressive fashion to encourage use of previously learnt material from the last three hours of lessons.


Muay Thai technique training revised the back-kick and then focused entirely on the spinning heel kick (aka “crocodile whips his tail”, wheel kick, reverse round kick and back spinning kick). This is one of the more difficult of the basic spinning kicks as it requires a straight horizontal leg and arguably requires more balance to other moves like the spinning hook kick and spinning crescent kick. There is a higher degree of risk too, but the kick is definitely one of the strongest and most surprising.


Submission technique focused on the north south position escape. Please see Wednesday’s lesson report for more details on this one.


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