Creating Good Fight Behaviours Early (diary entry)

high guard22.07.19


Monday evening brought my new client up to the second hour of her Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training lesson. We moved onto the focus mitts and I introduced my client to teep counters, low round kick counters and the low round kick.


The lesson began with a warm-up on the agility ladders. This was followed by some mirror footwork with an exchange of punches and teeps. The idea with this type of partner warm-up is to train boht distancing and to promote a strong counter-offence to strikes. Once a punch is parried the fighter immediately fires back with their own combination. The teeps gradually progressed in height as a dynamic stretching exercise. This then moved onto dynamic stretching in earnest.


The Thai focus mitts came out next, allowing my client to begin developing more force behind her techniques. We went through all the basic combinations covered so far, which are all based off the teep. I then brought back in the counter situations.


Next we moved onto the low round kick. Here we looked at hand positioning, activating the hip flexors, pivoting and ensuring the blade of the shin hit the sciatic nerve properly. This was trained as a shadow technique then as a targeting exercise and finally on the focus mitts. The lesson finished with its integration into combinations.

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