Counters plus Knee Bombs and Jumping Kicks (diary entry)

shin block29.08.18


Continuing with my long-time client’s revision on Muay Thai, we expanded on the basic combinations by looking at counters as a means for re-introducing more advanced techniques.


The warm-up went straight to line-work. We started with the upper body, training straight punches and then adding on hooks and elbows. Next we linked in oblique kicks, teeps, round kicks and knees, off both the front and back legs, gradually increasing the height of the kicks.


Then we did some build-up sparring in the clinch. This began with simple neck-wrestling, followed by trapping, sweeps and footwork, followed by one-for-one technique exchanges and then general clinch sparring.


After donning full sparring kit we covered a few combination counters. Beginning with the jab/back-leg round kick, we countered with a parry/shin-check/low round-kick. This was followed by jab/cross/switch-kick counter with parry/parry/kick-catch/spear knee. The spear knee was then changed to a jumping knee-bomb. This technique was then put into another combination: jab/cross/knee-bomb/round knee/clinch v-step. We moved onto a jab/cross/hook/round kick counter. Here we used parry/parry/cover/oblique kick/back-leg round kick. The lead leg oblique kick was used to stop the round kick. The back-leg round kick was changed to a jumping round kick.


The lesson finished with two rounds of sparring.



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