Counters in Muay Thai (diary entry)

knee (smaller)kick jamie07.10.19


Monday night saw the second hour of my client’s second Muay Thai for Martial Arts Cross Training where we began our focus on countering techniques, tactics and strategies. This culminated in three technique-based rounds of pad-work looking at linear strikes, round strikes and clinching knee strikes.


We began with a warm-up of mirror footwork, one-for-one technique exchanges, agility ladders and agility cones. All these exercises are designed to improve mobility and agility specific to the combat sport. This lays the foundation for the more specialised work of today’s training.


My client and I then followed the below procedure:


Technique Coaching: We deconstructed countering jabs and teeps as well as using these techniques as counter techniques.


Round One: Linear Strikes


Technique Coaching: We looked at using the same side hook and round kick both from the lead side and reverse side.


Round Two: Round Kicks & Hooks with Linear Strikes


Technique Coaching: We looked at attacking and countering knee strikes within the clinch and breaking from the clinch as well as uppercuts.


Round Three: Clinch combinations and Upper-Cuts in addition to Round Kicks, Hooks and Linear strikes

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