Counter & Combination Sparring Drills (diary entry)

Jamie Clubb of Clubb Chimera Martial Arts in the Bodyguard drill! (small) shin block05.10.19

Saturday morning saw a continuation of the course I covered on Thursday with the same client. This is his penultimate lesson in a 10 hour course of seven lessons, bringing us up to the nine hour point. This particular course is focused entirely on stand-up sparring with a strong bias towards Muay Thai.

After a warm-up of callisthenics and footwork on the agility ladders, we got straight into the following sparring drills:

Round One:

One for one sparring

Round Two:

Light kick sparring (no shin pads)

Round Three:

Kick return sparring (shin pads)

Round Four:

Clinch (curve knee strike/turn counter knee strike)

Round Five:

One, one-two, one-two-three combination sparring

Round Six:

Teep/jab versus everything sparring

Round Seven:

Round-kick/hook versus everything sparring

Round Eight:

Combination vs combination sparring

The lesson was finished with PNF stretching.



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