Counter-Attacks in Sparring (diary entry)

Boxing Jab

Tonight’s sparring lesson mainly focused on stand-up. We warmed up with a series of shadow boxing exercises, including mirror work and interspersed with sets of specific calisthenics. This moved onto combination partner-work in western boxing, followed by a round of sparring and then the same procedure repeated for kickboxing. The combination training was split into counter-attacks and in-and-out attacking. This procedure was very similar to last week’s class, except that after the round of kickboxing sparring we had a look at certain repetitive weaknesses in my client’s game. Once we addressed these through some combination work that focused using kick-checks and other defensive techniques to set up counter-attacks, we then had another round of less intensive sparring. This proved to be more productive with my client becoming more fluid with his movements and counters. We then moved onto Thai clinch-work. This began with one-for-one techniques in the clinch and then progressed into combination work before we did some specific clinch sparring. Next week we will focus at this aspect in a bit more depth.

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