Continuing the Angle (diary entry)

328532381_889047995550904_4311054097842889516_n 328434158_1347861839404763_7557098174165425419_n31.01.2023

My teaching consultancy for Athena School of Karate continued today with a look at the footwork sequence pattern’s application to Kickboxing and Muay Thai. My client was keen to take a stricter Muay Thai approach. Therefore, the baiting forward and backward footwork became shorter and the circling was tighter. A switch body-kick/rear outside leg kick were chained to the right cross and instead of throwing a left hook after circling with a triple we used another switch kick to the body. The original boxing combination also added in an option of a straight right after throwing the left hook to cover the circle back. Likewise, the Muay Thai take put in a rear round kick to the inside of the leg. My client also suggested a practical tangent of using teep to exit instead of throwing the switch-kick.

The lesson highlighted differences between Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing, especially with the stance. Muay Thai’s square hips and shorter stance allowed for easier side-to-side round kicks.


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