Continued Self-Protection Development (diary entry)


My Drum Kempo Ju Jitsu client enters his 16th hour of CPD/teacher consultation with me as we looked at broader issues in self-protection teaching. I went back over my 3 Ps approach to self-defence/hard skills (pre-emption, proactivity and pressure testing) as well as my views on what I call the three tribes of martial arts subculture.

These are two resources I produced on these topics:

CSI Approach

Three Tribes


Ahead of me going through Joe Saunders’ Managing Violence course soon, we discussed the benefits of using empathy at the pre and post-fight stages of a conflict. The value of this approach is that students are taught to understand the perspective of a threat. Once an potential attacker’s motivations are better understood, the target has a better chance of averted a physical situation. Furthermore, when a defender has a better handle on a potential attacker’s psychology they can work to prevent violence being done to others e.g. the attacker’s partner after the conflict situation.

We also discussed the benefits of using the voice as a weapon, a topic I discussed in depth a long time ago in my “Kiai: The Fading Cry of the Martial Artist” in my “Mordred’s Victory” essay collection.