Combination Principles in Online MMA Training (diary entry)

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Tuesday night’s second online video lesson was also this client’s fifth hour of MMA training. We looked at chaining more techniques together and comparing different range combinations as well as more ground fighting from underneath.


We warmed up various Boxing and Muay Thai techniques performed as dynamic stretches. Then we did some light shadow sparring, including footwork patterns.


From here I looked at the simple jab/low jab transitioning principle. After going through the basic combination we added on jab/teep. Then we added on jab/double-leg takedown. Therefore, the full combination was jab/low jab/jab/teep/jab/double-leg takedown. The point here is to create an unpredictable guarding stance that can easily switch levels and change weapons, using the jab as the constant set up tool.


I then introduced the jab/overhand set up. This isn’t so much of an add-on transitioning principle as a technique exchange. We began with a slip/jab/overhand punch combination. The overhand was taught from a v-step. We then added on a rear-leg round kick. This could also be substituted for the overhand. Finally we exchanged the round kick for a single-leg takedown. The combinations were as follows: jab/overhand, jab/overhand/round kick and jab/overhand/single-leg.


We moved onto the solo pad drills. Looking at developing speed, we began at close-range with the jab off both sides followed by the cross then the hook and then the uppercut. Next we began combining same side punches – jab/hook and uppercut/hook.


We then moved to the ground and looked at shadowing the MMA half-guard and the half-guard into the electric chair.


The lesson was finished with one round of visualisation shadow sparring.

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