Combination Integration (diary entry)

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Monday night and on the penultimate lesson of my couple clients’ course we continued with our randomisation of the 14 rhythm and flow combinations. Now we are looking at their integration. From the outset my plan has not been to simply memorise all of these combinations but to draw fluid movement and the art of chaining together lengthier series of strikes. However, this type of training is a good challenge to finish the series.

We ran the lesson for 6 x 10 minute rounds as before. However, within the four active rounds I alternated the two clients every minute with freestyle and a combination. These combinations were selected by my clients ahead of time. This provided me with a fair assessment not only of combination retention but also on where we were at with general reaction and response training. This can be especially challenging both mentally and physically. The client is having to pick up a new combination each minute they are on and then integrate it into the rest of their work. I used this assessment to decide on how we will best finish this particular course with my two clients before we move onto some strategy and tactics work next week. Next week we will take their three favourites or what they feel to be the most practical combinations and spend four rounds on each (pad-work and shadowing) to integrate them into their freestyle work.