Combination 7 & 8: Keiryu Finale (diary entry)

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My fourth and final Zoom session with Keiryu Practical Karate covered rhythm and flow combinations seven and eight. These are both fairly simple compared the previous combinations or it can be that everyone was better tuned into chaining techniques. Tonight we looked more into the nuances of certain transitions and set-ups. Combination seven works at close range throughout using a tight head/body/head/body/head/body and left/left/right/left/left/right pattern of punches and long (spear) knee strike. Weight distribution is also very important, using the body shots (jab to the body and liver shot) to load the subsequent head shots as well as the torque/rotation used off the same side for the liver shovel hook to head hook punches to then reverse back to the centre line for the knee. Combination eight exploits a longer range, driving back an opponent with punch/kick and opposite side kick combinations before drawing them back with a double stance switch into a jab/cross.


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