Combination 13 on the Focus Mitts (diary entry)

extreme academy tarn thai kick2muay thai small10.05.21

It was hour four of my couple client’s rhythm and flow padwork combinations on Monday. We went over combination four that feels like a Dutch/Thai hybrid. It has a lengthy punching combinations including a weave/roll before sandwiching in a rear horizontal elbow and a lead spear knee. The elbow and knee strikes bring the fight into close range, the former set up with same side cross and the latter sets up the same side lead leg round kick. Given that the cross should send an opponent quite a distance for the rear elbow to connect the combination requires a step or shift chained to the crossed to close in. The momentum from the rear elbow makes sense to turn the lead knee into a switch-knee. The lead round kick is a full pivot speed kick used to “shut the door” in the same way a lead hook might when combined with a jab. Coming off the knee, the fighter should pivot his rear foot and bounce off the lead foot to deliver this particular kick.



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