Combination 1 on the focus mitts (diary entry)


This is the third hour of my client’s second 10 hour course on stand-up striking. After a 10 minute round of warming up, my client with her lockdown partner decided to completely focus on the first combination from our 14 rhythm and flow sequences. The benefit of having a lockdown partner allowed me to teach the combination in three stages:

Stage 1: Shadow boxing the entire combination

Stage 2: Virtual focus-mitt training – using the combination in direct response to me feeding it over our video link

Stage 3: Partner focus-mitt training – each training partner had a 10 minute round a piece to coach and train the combination followed by a shared final round

My client’s lockdown partner is both a southpaw and is also recovering from surgery on his knee. This presents an interesting challenge for those involved. Over the past few months prior to and after the operation, we have adapted and adjusted the set combinations for him. Tonight we got the opportunity to properly apply it to the focus mitts. This combination includes two round kicks to the body with a shin-check in-between. We replaced these with two liver shots and a body block. The low kick at the end was included in his sequence but we opted for the calf kick variation in his case.

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