Combat Grappling Continues

There had been a significant delay between lessons, so we began with a review of pre-emptive striking, progressive combinations, obstical removal, the cover and anti-grappling tactics. We then began exploring some more primal grappling.


This began with a revision of head-lock counters and we focused on the ground. As previously discussed, the ground is the worst place to be in a combat scenario, but if you are going to be there you need to know how to best deal with the situation and get back to your feet. We had previously covered asymmetrical ground fighting. Today our focus was on symmetrical ground fighting. We began with escapes from the mount. Here I emphasized the importance of correct leverage and positioning. We began with bridging to turn a mount position. Then we looked at snaking and the guard. We covered taking the back and strangle holds. We looked at striking and anti-grappling techniques in these positions, emphasizing the importance of fighting for position more than anything else.

Bridging and snaking were added to the functional fitness solo exercise list for the student.

My article on "Combat Grappling"

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