Combat Grappling Begins (diary entry)

Rear naked strangle1


We reached the eighth hour point of my client’s 10 hour course on Basic Self-Protection held at 5:30 a.m. We continued with the anti-grappling taught in the previous lesson, moving into combat grappling. The lesson began with a revision with the eye-gouging/head-butt/elbow strike combination. Then we moved onto side headlocks.

The side headlock is a primal grappling technique in that it is a very instinctive move for a human to use. Therefore, it is a likely if a fight detoriates to grappling range that this technique will be attempted. I teach my clients proper headlocks so that they will be able to escape them. This morning we also trained the headlock takedown and basic breakfalling.

We then moved onto the basic headlock escape into taking the back. From the back position I taught the waistlock control and seatbelt grip. This then transitioned into the rear naked choke (strangle). The lesson was finished with a drill of choke repetitions to reinforce good muscle memory.

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