Combat Fitness Small Group Private Lesson (diary entry)

high kickTonight’s third private lesson was a small group training session with three clients. It served as something of an introduction to Triple C training and participants had a mixture of requirements and backgrounds. In essence Triple C uses martial arts movement, specifically those found in Mixed Martial Arts but also aspects of self-defence and even some weapon arts, as a means for developing skills and interesting new ways to improve overall fitness. Unlike the other services offered by CCMA it doesn’t have combative efficiency – either through sport or self-protection – as its primary focus, but still has a bias towards practical techniques.

We began with some simple line-work exercises for Western Boxing. The group jabbed and changed lines of attack. As they warmed up, they performed repetitions of guard switching/line switching. This concept was then taken onto tyre in a simplified form to work balance and stability. It was also performed using agility cones. They then moved onto a sprawling/knee strike exercise. On a purely cardiovascular and overall conditional level, this exercise is a type of burpee. However, it has a direct practical application for defending a low level takedown and countering with a knee strike. The knee strike element was then isolated and performed as a solo technical exercise, against a heavy bag and as a step-up exercise on the large tyre. The latter is great not only for the balancing and stability elements but also to teach recruitment of the right muscles, which it overloads by having the fighter step onto an elevated platform; it encourages the fighter to gather up these particular muscle groups under the strike.

Letting the knee lead us, so to speak, we then covered the mechanics of the double-leg takedown. Here the fighter drops his front knee first, maintaining a firm and straight posture throughout the technique and drives forward. The moment quickly brings the other leg round and the move is finished with the fighter standing. The arms do grip the target but only after the whole body has made contact. Strength is required to drive forward in a downwards motion and then to power up to complete the takedown. We then went to the ground to train basic movements from the bottom position. This included bridging and snaking. The latter was performed as a stationary and mobility exercise.

The final third of the hour’s session was devoted to Western Boxing and Muay Thai. We used basic Boxing techniques to set the pace and timing for the round kick. After covering jab/cross the fighters incorporated the round kick. These were trained as line-work solo exercises, on the agility cones, on the heavy bag and with one-on-one coaching from me. The lesson finished with some gentle solo static floor stretching.

This is the first small group training class I have conducted in a while and I was very happy with the dynamic. It is also the first small group I have taught at the new Enstone Airfield location, which is a fully equipped functional fitness/combat conditioning private gym, ideal for my type of coaching. The group was all-female with mixed training backgrounds. I received 100% positive feedback. If you or others would be interested in this type or private class or a one-to-one, please do not hestitate in contacting me.

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