Combat Conditioning for Grappling (diary entry)


My client reached his seven and a half hour point of his course in Combat Conditioning. Tonight we looked at grappling-based exercises both clinch and ground.

Dynamic stretching and callisthenics were gradually increased into high intensity movement exercises. These included uninterrupted sets of bear and lizard crawls, seal crawls, explosive press-up crawl, snaking, sprawling, sit-outs, footwork combinations from striking and wrestling stances, takedown movements, upa bridging, triangle crunches, neck bridges and break falls.

Next we went through a series of partner grappling exercises: takedown pick-ups, bear crawls with guard underneath, bear crawls with back mount, guard sit-ups, stacking jump-ups and sit-out escapes. We then brought out the resistance band to train a simple mid and upper body throwing entry. This action is used for various hip and shoulder throws.

We then moved onto the focus mitts. Here we drilled various combinations from different positions that were based on grappling. This began with blitzing for power forwards and blitzing backwards for speed and to push the hips back for takedown defence. We followed this with a series of four-punch combination entries into hip throws. Kicks were then layered into the combination.

The lesson finished with one round five minute round of MMA sparring.

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