Combat Conditing Continues (diary entry)

PERSONAL TRAINING smaller02.03.19


The first lesson of this morning saw my client complete his third hour of Combat Conditioning. We moved onto the reverse side and also focused a lot on circular techniques – hooks, round kicks, single-leg takedowns and kimura sweeps.


We warmed up with a series of sport specific calisthenics, dynamic stretching and mobility exercises for all ranges of combat. I did a good number of exercises that looked at working the oblique muscles and rotational movement of the torso. These need to be actively engaged to get the most out of circular techniques.


We then moved onto the focus mitts drills some straight cross work. This first dealt with a conventional power cross and then moved onto blitzing, coordinating normal walking with rear hand punching. This was performed as a speed and then a power exercise.


Next we trained lead and rear hooks off various combinations before bringing in the round kick as a switch-kick and as a rear leg kick. Next we moved onto transitioning to the single-leg takedown, finishing with a side control position. Whilst on the ground we went to guard and trained the kimura sweep. I used a feigning variation on this technique, where the person holding guard feigning going for a kimura submission, moved back as the opponent postured up and then went for the sweep.


The lesson ended with a 5 minute round of MMA sparring.

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