Collar Tie Punching (diary entry)



My client consultancy lesson continued with a more practical theme as we expanded upon the Dirty Boxing introduced last week.
We warmed up with switching levels, getting used to moving a wrestler’s stance. I introduced the left, right and Japanese stances. We then clinched with the collar tie. Here I introduced bulling, an activity designed to control an opponent’s head whilst staying stable one’s own stance. We also regularly switched sides and looked at breaking an opponent’s balance. For the entirety of this lesson we will be using the collar tie as our reference point.

I expanded upon the bulling with simple grip-breaks which we turned into two-on-ones. This was also then fed into a drill whereby one person continuously switches sides. The attributes taken from this is greater tactile awareness, tactile dexterity and a general familiarisation with clinching.

Next up we looked at the slap-down parry. Using a combination from last Saturday’s MMA client we began with a slap-down parry feign. The objective here was to throw the technique like a jab before throwing the rear hand like a cross but actually parring the opponent’s lead hand. The fighter’s lead hand shoots over into a collar tie. The rear hand then throws multiple crosses. Using the same principles from the previous bulling drill and last lesson’s pummelling/striking exercise I added on a counter having the cross blocked. The fighter circles their hand inside the blocking hand collar grabs from this side turning the other hand into a cross and so on.

We then moved onto slipping jabs into a clinch. We began with a simple slipping exercise, moving from the inside to the outside. Then jabs were added. Finally we added on a hook that turned into a collar tie and we resumed crossing as in the previous drill.

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