Cobra, Bizarro & Superman Punches (diary entry)

bizarro punch diary20.10.20

My teacher consultation looked at developing another routine for my client. Tonight we were looking at more spectacular techniques that could be incorporated in a functional MMA combination. I developed a back and forth routine that made use of the cobra punch, superman punch and bizarro punch. All three of these rear hand straights rely on deceptive set-ups. The cobra punch is more close range than the other two and is not designed to travel a long distance. It is sometimes considered to be the Muay Thai version of the superman punch; however, superman punches are still found in Muay Thai. The set-up usually consists of creating a false pattern of rear leg round kicks. I prefer the 45 degree/non-pivot version for this particular set-up. The bizarro punch is so named because it is principally the reverse tactic of the superman punch and bizarro is the mirror image version of the superman character in DC Comics. Bizarro punches are set up by suddenly pausing with a reversed guard positioning that puts the crossing hand forward. The fighter then shifts forward with the cross. Finally, the superman punch is the most spectacular of the three. This is set up in a similar fashion to the cobra punch except the fighter travels a longer distance. As can be seen, the three techniques address ranges. Cobra punches are close range, bizarro punches are middle range and superman punches are long range.

Counters to these types of technique can be varied. As a rule, it is always best intercept any intended attack. This saves time and, within a sporting, context is a positive action. Something I didn’t properly cover in the lesson was the use of posting. Flying knees and elbows are often directly posted against in Muay Thai. Otherwise, evasion is an effective defence, but the fighter should evade with an intention to counter immediately i.e. think reposition to attack rather than just avoid.

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