Clinching from Combinations to Sparring to Getting Dirty (diary entry)

Couple swarming clinch Swarming clinch21.03.2022

Hour five of my client couple’s course on the clinch for MMA covered three areas of the MMA clinch: combinations for shoots, asymmetrical sparring and dirty boxing.

The former took the form of revising combinations 1-3 via shadow boxing. We then moved onto combination 4 that is the first to involve a counter move. In this instance it is a sprawl off a jab/cross combination. From the sprawl the fighter drives up from the ground with a rear hand uppercut/lead hook/cross before shooting for the double-leg takedown. This combination was shadowed, applied and then put onto the focus mitts.

Sparring was 4 x 2 minute rounds of out-boxer versus swarmer. The swarmer in this instance is seeking a grappler’s clinch and the out-boxer can use all available kickboxing tools to stay on the outside.

The final part of the lesson introduced the shoulder bump off a simple jab/cross/hook and the concept of dirty boxing.