Clinch to Ground Cross Training (diary entry)


I was delighted to teach a two-hour session to Jan Drachman of Hinnerup Karate and Brian Bates of Zanshin Karate. Jan is visiting from Denmark to tour various UK training establishments. He has booked me twice over the previous decade to teach seminars for his club. Today I was tasked with teaching aspects of the clinch and transitioning to finishes on the ground. This was all based around sport fighting concepts. We drew upon elements from Muay Thai, Boxing (dirty boxing concepts), Greco-Roman Wrestling, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts.

Techniques and combinations covered included:

  • Spear elbows, elbow chops and horizontal elbow chops from the collar and elbow tie and plum position. Here I taught how controlling grappling techniques could be turned into strikes to the body and then transferred into strikes to the head. This was all taught whilst breaking and controlling an opponent’s posture. This moved us into a classic side headlock takedown (sag), transitioning from scarf-hold to side-control with an arm triangle submission. We also layered in spear and curve knee strikes and did some light specific sparring.
  • Shoulder bumps, slashing elbows and spear knees from overhook/underhook positioning. We also looked at reversals
  • Pinch headlock into a sag headlock takedown and a sag bodylock takedown. Snake choke was covered on the ground from an underhook scarf-hold.
  • Russian arm-drag into a two-on-one . From here we looked at dealing with a counter with another side headlock takedown and also a single waistlock takedown, finishing with a neck-crank on the ground.
  • We also trained the Darce choke from north south position and a sprawl, anaconda choke, gator roll combination.