Clinch Strength Exercises (diary entry)


Following on from our previous session, we looked at techniques from the clinch range and strength exercises directly related to their execution. After a brief footwork drill specifically for the clinch range, utilizing a lower stance, we approached the following techniques:


This was trained using an entry drill and a counter drill. The former obviously teaches them mechanics and successful execution of the technique whereas the latter was used to build up strong muscle memory for consistently attacking with the arm-drag. We overloaded the same muscle groups and force vectors using a battling rope exercise where the same arm-drag movement was performed.

Belly-to-Back Suplex and Waist-Lock Takedown

We began with entries and then performed Atlas stone lifts and shelving to strengthen the muscles involved.

Major Hip Throw

After learning the technique the fighter performed the technique using resistance bands.

Double Leg Takedown and Single Leg Takedown

These were performed first as entries and then we used both a resistance and heavy bag and also performed tyre flips.

The session was finished with some stretches to work specific muscle groups involved in tonight’s training.

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