Clinch Sparring (diary entry)




We continued our Muay Thai work by primarily working on clinch, but also spending a good amount of time overlapping into the previous lessons’ stand-up fighting range. We moved immediately into partner-work for the warm-up. This consisted of trading single techniques from the stand-up range, moving onto the clinch with some neck-wrestling and then onto some technique work. We looked at two methods to unbalance and potentially toss an opponent. The first consisted of combining a horizontal knee to create space to break the plumb position and go for a bear hug throw, which is like a Thai version of a belly-to-belly supplex. Next we looked at using round knees to set-up a throw using the bear hug or head.


This was taken onto the focus mitts and then combined with stand-up combinations. We then sparred for two rounds of clinch-work and a final round of Muay Thai.

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