Clinch Revision (diary entry)

Tonight saw my junior client start his second private lesson in stand-up grappling/clinch. We went back over all the previous lesson’s material: break-falls, rolls, elbow and collar tie, and the outer reap throw.

We warmed up with a series of callisthenic exercises geared towards wrestling, specifically Indian press-ups and Indian squats. We then moved onto forward rolls and backward rolls. This was followed with front, back and side break-falls. Then we combined these movements, creating better familiarisation with recovering from falling.

Then we moved onto the elbow and collar tie. As well as confirming the right grips here to control the head of an opponent and to neutralise their control over your head, my focus here was to get fluid transitioning going on. My client needed to understand the importance of dominating the inside of a clinch. This allowed us to move onto the dominant grip. We looked at the mechanics of pulling and pushing to set up takedowns, timing the dominant grip for when an opponent pulls back. Then we looked at the positioning and the use of the foot in the outer reap throw.

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