Clinch for Submission Grappling (diary entry)

DSC_0234body clinch01.08.2023

My limited lesson course on Submission Grappling shifted its focus to the clinch. My client wanted to work in this particular field to link it with my her ground-fighting. Therefore, our warm-up largely consisted of box-footwork and collar and elbow “bulling”.  We looked at the three basic wrestling stances and how to unbalance an opponent.

I then introduced under-hook and over-hook pummelling. From here we covered the Greco-Roman arm-drag takedown. This technique, taught to me by Lee Hasdell, is such a simplistic move that suits both MMA and Submission Grappling. We were able to then link dog-fight position for taking the back and shooting for a double-leg.

Next, we looked at a gift-wrap takedown dealing with a counter to the arm-drag. This moved us on to either going to back-mount or full-mount positions. From full-mount, I taught Americana, grapevine and the snake-choke. Snake-chokes work especially well from the top gift-wrap hold where the opponent’s arm is trapped around their neck.

The lesson was finished with 2 minute round of progressive specific sparring from clinch. Here we looked at opportunities for the snap-down and taking the back.


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