Clinch Closed Workshop (diary entry)

body clinch21.02.20


Friday night saw our second closed workshop. This is a two-hour service I offer for my private clients on a semi-regular basis, working with them to find organise a suitable meet-up time to intensively train certain areas I cover. It offers them the appeal of a club-like atmosphere and the opportunity to train with like-minded fellow clients. This time we looked at the clinch.


We warmed up going through the basic footwork pattern I have been covering in recent lessons. This is designed for my clients to use for better positioning, weight distribution and maintaining the integrity of their stance whilst transitioning into a position to land a technique. Once we had gone through this enough times for everyone to acknowledge how they were standing each time they moved, we began pairing different movements to promote better fluidity.


The class then partnered up and we began clinch-work in earnest. We began with the Thai plum position, also known as a double collar tie. From here we began drilling basic neck-wrestling, working to keep the arms on the on the inside. Then we layered in footwork, looking to break posture. After this we brought in knee strikes. Next we moved onto the collar and elbow tie before commencing bulling. Whilst drilling, everyone was regularly told to freeze and then to look for a balance point in the opponent. This concept was carried over into the over-hook/under-hook pummelling.


We then looked at trapping one side and striking on the other. We did this with both over-hooks and under-hooks. After this isolation training we put it together with a pummelling and striking form of sparring. We looked at using the hips to nullify counters and to provide space for our own strikes. Next we brought in aspects of Dirty Boxing, particualrly the shoulder bump. Knees and elbows were brought in as we went to the wall to go through a simple drill. I then added on footwork for cutting off the ring or cage, a dirty boxing combination, techniques to push an opponent into the wall, followed by a knee bomb before the going through the drill and then countering a reversal.


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