Clinch and Ground (diary entry)

two on one to back20.08.20

Thursday night was a teacher constultancy session with two independent karate instructors who are operating within a Covid-19 bubble. Previously we went through some basic pinning and escaping side control. Tonight’s lesson dealt with breaking a collar-tie grip and escaping from guard.

We began with a warm-up of clinch and ground callisthenics, designed to hit all the muscle groups and movements we would be using tonight as well reinforcing some basic technique. Then we went straight into the clinch and looked at the collar-tie. From here I drilled the two-on-one wrestling hold. We then looked at countering it and turned this into a flow-drill. Following a similar course, we addressed the arm-drag and also did a similar counter-move flow-drill.

Going to ground I looked at the hip escape from guard. This is a priority for self-defence and MMA.


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