Classic Double-Leg Take Down (diary entry)

double leg


Saturday’s second lesson brought my two junior clients up to the fifth hour of their clinch course. We went back over all three lines of attack and I introduced the double-leg take-down.

We warmed up with dynamic stretches, Indian press-ups and Indian squats. Then we went straight into break-fall/rolling combinations from all directions.

The lesson moved onto the collar and elbow tie-up, where both my client got a fluid exchanges of bulling. This moved them onto outer reap entries. Then we drilled under-hook/over-hook pummelling before drilling taking the back. We also covered waist-lock take-down with an inner reap. From here we worked on foot sweeps and then revised a basic single leg take-down.

The lesson finished with the double-leg take-down. We focused on getting as close as possible, penetrating with the knee and the classic leg clearance version of the take-down.


Above picture from the ever reliable FightTips YouTube channel. This video details three excellent MMA set-ups for the double leg take down.


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