Classic Combinations & Sparring (diary entry)

Boxing southpaw09.06.2022

Due to my client suffering from a work-related back injury, we didn’t cover the planned MMA class but went back over boxing instead. After a light warm-up of dynamic stretching, we moved onto the focus mitts. This session began with basic combinations before moving onto some classic tactics inspired by the greats. We used Kid Gavilan’s bolo punch on back-step to handle swarming attacks. Then we used Jersey Joe Walcott’s upward diagonal hook/overhand right before focusing on two of Sugar Ray Robinson’s favoured combinations. We strung together his double jab/left hook to the inside with his body jab/right body hook to the outside. This provides two angles of attack.

We then completed 5 x 3 minute rounds of sparring, using the third round and a coaching-based session to work on certain weaknesses I noticed in my client’s defence.

The lesson finished with a full body stretching routine to stave off delayed onset of muscular soreness and to help relieve some tension in his lower back.


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