Chroegraphed Routines (diary entry)

skype routine 2 skype routine13.10.20

Tonight my teacher consultation presented me with an interesting challenge. Syllabus updates in my client’s school require newly choreographed fight routines with a stronger emphasis on practical techniques. Besides combination counters and flow drills I don’t teach much in this way. My overall view is that the best purpose for choreographed fights takes the form of demonstrations and also professional performances. I have been involved a lot in both before I became a self-protection teacher.

My client makes a decent argument for the reinforcement of basic principles. For now, I agree that there is some carry-over benefit for combat sports and so long as these principles will be overlapped onto focus mitt and resistance-based training methods. There is also the undeniable incentive to motivate youngsters. With this in mind, we worked on a two-person routine that taught level changes. This included feinting, punching to the body (low jab) and shooting for a takedown. The entire routine covered all three MMA ranges – stand-up, clinch and ground.