Christmas Games and MMA Revision

General Lesson


Seeing as it was the last lesson of the year we had a lighthearted lesson and plenty of games. After a student-led warm-up the class engaged in some competive activities. This began with a shuttle run consisting of agility drills, rolls, breakfalls, sprawls, combinations and kicks. Next we did the gypsy game, back-to-back fighting and all against all ground grappling. The lesson finished with the Tunnel of Death focus mitt game.


Private Lesson


We revised the programme so far and I introduced my isolated flash pad drills. This takes the form of a round of attack-only on the focus mitts, followed by defence-only and then combine them. We then did some footwork and sprawl responses. All of this can be combined with ground work to make a type of pad-work that takes the student as close to sparring as possible.


We then layered the waist lock and went from a basic takedown to the back supplex and the belly-to-belly supplex. The lesson finished with some work on the anaconda choke/gator roll and the sit-through/back choke.

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